Slots Tournaments

Slots Tournaments
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Get Your Game On with Jet Bingo’s Slots and Win Two Grand

Jet Bingo’s online slots tournaments, aka “slot tourneys,” are competitive slots tournaments on the Web in which players play for weekly cash prizes. Even though a slot machine competition can be held offline, these days, slot machine tournaments by and large take place online at virtual casinos such as Jet Bingo. Whether you’re ready to play in an online slot tournament (freeroll or not) for real money or go head-to-head in free online casino slot tournaments for fun, one thing’s clear: Jet Bingo holds the best online slot machine tournaments ( included) with the highest paying – no doubt. As gambling sites, Internet casinos and slots tournaments continue to grow in popularity, it’s safe to assume that free online slot tournaments at Jet Bingo are not going anywhere. So that being said, check out Jet Bingo’s latest online slot machine tournament below and cash in on the action. Have at it!

“Slot Hot Shot” Weekly Slot Tournament

Play and win on Jet Bingo’s entertaining slots every week in the Weekly Slot Tournament.

Tournament action at Jet Bingo begins each Sunday at 12:01 AM (EST)
and ends on Saturday at midnight (EST).

Every week, Jet Bingo pays out hefty cash prizes to its slot winners, without delay.

If you complete Jet Bingo’s online slot machine tournament as one of the top three winners
in your Jet Bingo loyalty level, you will take home the money – guaranteed.

Terms & Conditions

  • This slot machine tournament at Jet Bingo runs from Sunday at 12:01 AM (EST) and goes on until midnight (EST) on Saturday.
  • Although a player’s loyalty status at Jet Bingo may change on the 1st day of the month, every slot machine player will remain in the online slot machine tournament that they started in, notwithstanding their Jet Bingo loyalty status at the outcome of the slot tournament.
  • Only payouts on 5-Reel and 3-Reel slot machines at Jet Bingo will contribute to this online slot competition.
  • Note: Payouts at Jet Bingo for Monopoly slots, Cluedo slots and Elvis slot machines are not included.
  • The winners of this Jet Bingo slot machine tournament will be credited by 11:00 PM (EST) on the following Sunday of each week.
  • This online slot machine competition may change, with no prior notice, at the discretion of Jet Bingo Management.
  • The decision by Jet Bingo Management is final, and correspondence will not be entered into.

6 thoughts on “Slots Tournaments”

  1. Roxane says:

    I’ve been playing this game for a long while now and i still love it. I would recommend this game to any one.

  2. Klara says:

    Love this game. Loads effortlessly. Gives tons of bonuses. Two thumbs from me!

  3. Misti says:

    I really love the game. I don’t have any loading problems and I am not really a competitive person so it is really just an enjoyable way for me to unwind.

  4. Chara says:

    All I can say is awesome :)

  5. Jessia says:

    The most excitement I’ve had. This is the best download that I have ever played.

  6. Gema says:

    I’ve played several slots games and this one is by far the best one! The other games have many problems and i always feel like there’s no chance of winning. I have actually won a jackpot on here and continue to play with hope.

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